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March 16th, 2021

7 productivity tools you've never heard of
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This hump day has us thinking about the things that take more time or brainpower than they should.

You know the feeling: “Why is this SO hard?!”

Fortunately, our hair is full of secrets. We put together seven new products that make getting through the most standard parts of your day easier.

Logging In: Idenati keeps all of your online services (banking, developer tools, streaming, etc.) in one place.

Reading: TLDR This summarizes any piece of text into concise, digestible content.

Finding: Clipboard Pro gives you a place to put your most-used content, like your CV, for easy access.

Journaling: Ponder makes daily journaling quick through a browser extension — click it open and free-write or use the prompts.

Pasting: Text Blaze lets you save snippets of copy, formulas, etc. and insert them anywhere with keyboard shortcuts.

Tracking: Lunatask is an all-in-one to-do list, habit tracker, and pomodoro timer with Zapier integrations.

Zooming: Zapp Pad is a Zoom keyboard created by a maker and dad who noticed his kid’s teacher would benefit from hotkeys while managing two dozen kindergarteners.

Start your day by getting all your apps and logins together.
The one who wears this crown gets more done.

Crown is a new wearable that serves as a brain-computer interface. It guides your brainwaves into patterns for optimal flow so you can focus better.

Connect the Crown app to Spotify to let your brain activity find the music that boosts your productivity.

Can't wait to start a Slack channel for sharing focus songs.
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