Product Hunt Daily Digest
January 26th, 2021

Never open Excel again
Today's newsletter was crafted by us and sponsored by our friends at Flatfile.

Data onboarding can be an everyday occurrence for many teams, but the term might sound unfamiliar. Remember the last time you imported a spreadsheet. Did it work correctly? 🙄

Formatting CSV or Excel files so the data can be imported into a product is a pain.

Companies spend tons of effort trying to fix data onboarding, usually, with implementation teams, import scripts, or relying on spreadsheet templates.

Flatfile has created two products to help fix this exact pain point: Portal and Concierge.

Flatfile Portal

Portal offers an embeddable, intuitive data import experience. Quickly integrate with any application and automatically map spreadsheet data using an elegant import wizard. Messy spreadsheets are easily validated so you can push the structured data to any API or endpoint. 

Flatfile Concierge 

Coming soon: Turn data onboarding into a collaborative experience with intuitive workbooks. Best of all? No code required! 

Collaborate with invited customers to securely import, format, and merge spreadsheet data. No more FTP uploads, or emailing sensitive Excel files. 

Sound good? Visit 👇 
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