Product Hunt Weekly Digest
January 17th, 2021

Golden Kitty Voting Announcement 🚨
Start Voting
All last week, you nominated your favorite products of 2020 across 21 CATegories. We tallied up thousands of nominations and have narrowed down the finalists.

Below are the first five categories open for voting (keep an eye out in your inbox every day this week as we announce more finalists).

Remote Work Tools
👀 Side Projects
🛠 Hardware
🛍 E-commerce

Voting starts today and closes Friday, January 22 at 11:59pm PT. Upvote your favorites here.

Look out for tomorrow’s newsletter where we’ll be sharing the finalists for the next batch of categories (Design-Tools, Audio and Voice, No-Code, Mobile-App and Privacy). In addition to lots of love from the PH community, winners will receive a prize package with custom swag and a golden kitty trophy. 😸

ICYMI we are also hosting our first-ever virtual awards ceremony on January 28, where host Casey Newton will be announcing this year's Golden Kitty winners live. Spaces are limited so reserve your spot now. Register here. 👈

This year's Golden Kitty Awards is brought in partnership with our friends at Welcome, Zendesk for Startups and Capsule.
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