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January 7th, 2021

RIP Calendly 🤔
Try SavvyCal
Scheduling meetings is a hassle. The back and forth inbox tennis is a time suck. Yet there is still a societal question mark about the etiquette of sending scheduling links like Calendly.

Serial maker, Derrick Reimer, outlines the issue as placing too much burden on the recipient:

"There are a hundred and one scheduling tools to help you avoid the awkward dance of finding a time to meet. While most of them are convenient for the person sending a link to book a time with them, are they actually convenient for the person receiving the link?"

The question of "to Calendly" or "not to Calendly" has been doing the rounds on social for some time. It's become one of those polarizing, you either hate it or you love it, products.

SavvyCal, launched by Derrick yesterday, aims to bridge the gap between convenience and etiquette, by allowing the recipient to overlay their own calendar onto the sender's available times. This more equally spreads the convenience of time selection.

Early reviews from the community are in, and so far, are very positive:

"The almost unwritten taboo of scheduling links has led to me apologetically asking if people are okay with me sending one. That is, of course, until I saw Derrick had launched SavvyCal." - James

"The ranked availability and personalized links are seriously a game-changer." - Corey

"We moved our team onto SavvyCal within a few weeks and haven't looked back." - Rob

"Very well-thought UX. Calendly may indeed have some problems now that you're here." - Bogdan
If you're tired of meetings altogether and need an excuse to duck out early, you could always fake a bad connection. 😈

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