Product Hunt Daily Digest
January 6th, 2021

A new App Store
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ICYMI: Last October launched its version of the App Store, the monday apps marketplace. With over 100,000 paying customers, this is no small pond to showcase your app’s capabilities. invites you to integrate your product as a monday app and showcase it in the marketplace.

If you’re not familiar with Work OS (Operating System), it is a leading platform for companies to connect their teams and manage their projects, processes, and everyday work. We’ve written about them in more detail here.

Companies that use SaaS solutions work with an average of 34 integrated applications, making app marketplaces an interesting growth channel for product companies in their earlier stages.

We’re always in support of product discovery and helping companies reach their first audiences. Being among the first apps showcased in the store can offer a greater level of exposure in this newly created marketplace.

As a special thanks to the community, is offering the first 5 apps submitted by the Product Hunt community a shiny new iPhone. ✨
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