Product Hunt Daily Digest
December 20th, 2020

Do the loco-Notion 🕺
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We've seen lots of interesting products built on top of, or alongside, Notion this year. It could almost become its own standalone topic at this point.

Curious to see what's been popular? Check out these trending community-created solutions that use Notion:

1. Notion Pack - freelance documents and templates, which users can customize to their clients' brand.

2. Reports for Notion - interactive charts and tables embedded into pages.

3. Notion Automations - automate your Notion workflows with Zapier.

4. Notion Charts - quickly generate interactive charts that are tailored for Notion's Embed blocks.

5. Bulletproof Notion Workspace - use the Bulletproof methodology in your workspace.

6. Apption for Notion - find and learn Notion friendly embeddable mini apps.

7. Notion Growth Workspace - templates for project management, SEO, fundraising, marketing, and sales.

8. Notion TrackerSuite - offers 12 productivity templates and a 10-Part Notion training course.

9. Notion E-Commerce UI Kit - a toolkit consisting of 70+ custom designed components, style guide, and more.

10. NotionMetrics - pulls important metrics from Stripe, Rescuetime, Mailchimp, Convertkit, Plaid, and Google Analytics.

And of course, Notion had its own official product launch just last month. ICYMI 👇🏻
A button to start a 30-second dance party - anytime, anywhere. 🕺🏼

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