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December 7th, 2020

Reddit meets MTV
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If your 2020 Wrapped by Spotify is starting to look a little predictable, can help you find new music outside of your bubble. is a music video discovery platform that encourages users to explore different genres of music on a whim. Giving us serious Reddit vibes, this product provides users with an infinite scroll of music videos to interact with.

“Finding good music videos these days is kinda like playing whack a mole, you randomly start clicking around and if your lucky you find something good. I wanted to reduce the randomness by creating a dedicated space for one of my favorite types of video content.” - Joel Loyol, Maker.

Users can filter by genre, release date, and format, or allow a happy coincidence to happen by landing on a random video. It’s the kind of music rabbit hole we can get behind.

While you're on your musical quest, perhaps you'll consider investing in the AirPod Max - Apple's new over the ear headphones. 👀

For further musical inspiration, check out these recent launches to help spice up your playlists: lets users discover new Japanese artists and music in Spotify.

Super Creative Radio is a curation of French touch vibes.

Vibes is a collection of playlists for different emotions and life events.

Humit lets users share 30s snippets from their favorite songs in a social network.

Lofi Radio Desktop is a lofi hip hop radio stream to jam to while you work.

Remixr leverages Spotify playlists from users to discover new music.

Live out your inner James Bond with Wristcam. This Apple Certified smartband allows you to capture videos straight from your wrist.

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