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November 19th, 2020

Couples therapy...but for cofounders?
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This week brought some interesting product launches from big tech with Bezos making a move on CVS, and Paypal extending a philanthropic arm. It's also been a curious week over in community discussions with some spicy topics up for debate. Couples therapy with your cofounder anyone?

Here's a quick glance ICYMI:

👐 PayPal Generosity Network launched allowing users to create fundraising campaigns to raise up to $20,000 over a 30-day period with PayPal.

💸 Google Pay had a massive relaunch giving users the ability to track spending, send and receive money, earn rewards, and improve financial health.

🎧 Ambush Special Edition Powerbeats released for $199.95. The new design has a glow-in-the-dark feature which is great for night time activities.

💊 Amazon Pharmacy is a new medical service that makes it easier for users to get prescribed medication right from Amazon.

🐦 Twitter Fleets is like Instagram stories...but for Twitter.

Top daily hunts this week 🏆

Machine Translation by Lingvanex allows users to integrate machine translation for up to 110 languages.

BeeCanvas allows users to visual ideas and collaborate with their teams using a virtual whiteboard.

Glorify 2.0 is a design tool that allows teams to easily create product images.

Plant Parenthood allows plant owners to share their plants or ask for help from a global community of plant parents.

Would you go to couples therapy with your co-founder? As an idea shared at YCombinator's Future Founders Conference 2020, we discuss the unorthodox yet viable option of building healthier business relationships.


Described as “the Slack we deserve, not the one we need,” unslack wants you to think of a world of where Slack operates in Google sheets. 🥴

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