Product Hunt Weekly Digest
April 12th, 2018

Win the Smart Home of the Future 🏘️👀
$1000+ Smart Home 🏘️
Tonight, when you get home, your front door could unlock automatically.

Your lights could programmatically dim based on the time of day.

The Smart Home as we imagined it exists today, but finding the right products to make each part of your house smart is tough.

You're in luck. Enter to win a complete $1000+ Smart Home package, curated by our expert friends at iTech Deals:

🔈 2 Sonos speakers for your tunes.
🛎️ A video doorbell to watch over your Amazon packages.
💡 A complete Samsung internet-connected lightbulb setup.
🤖 Google Home + 2 Echo Dots so you can talk to Alexa all the time.

Just be prepared for your friends to have smart home envy. 😉
Standing Desks: You've seen people use them, thought of getting one, maybe you use one.

We've seen a lot of these chair-less innovations on Product Hunt, including a standing desk for kids and a $299 electric table with a memory pad that remembers everything.

There's even a self-assembled, motorized standing desk from Ikea. It comes with everything you need, except a weekend of your life.

If you want to work with a view, you can also get a window-mounted standing desk.

Check out the full collection of standing desks on Product Hunt. 🚶