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November 4th, 2020

Is your news biased?
Explore Ground News

Todays' newsletter was crafted by us and sponsored by our friends at Ground News.

Ground News dropped its latest tool, Bias Checker, last month to help users avoid biases in the news consumed on social media. If you watched the Social Dilemma and were terrified, this browser extension aims to ease some of those anxieties.

Having already helped over 150,000 users identify biased news through its iOS, Android, Web Apps, and Blindspot Report, Ground News aims to help more users avoid the dangers of an echo chamber within their bubbles on social media through the Bias Checker.

So how does it detect bias? Let’s break it down:

✅ Instantly shows the media bias distribution of any story on your social media feed (% of coverage from sources on the left, right, and center).

✅ Easy access to media bias data and other perspectives on articles from over 50,000+ news sites.

✅ Click to see an aggregation of reporting and compare how other sources are covering the story.

Uncover the underlying political bias in your Reddit, Twitter, and Facebook news feeds. To find out more about Ground News directly from its CEO Harleen Kaur, check out Bias Checker on Product Hunt.


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