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October 25th, 2020

25K teams use this tool
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“DON’T TOUCH THE DECK” - a familiar message we’ve all heard at least once while scrambling to put together a presentation. 🙃

It’s the type of presentation anxiety that doesn’t come with presenting: having an organized, relatable, and well-designed deck.

Earlier last week, Pitch moved out of beta. Their team claims that this presentation software can boost productivity without sacrificing creativity - a mighty stance. However, with 25,000 teams currently onboarded it may be a worthwhile claim.

Pitch enables teams to virtually meet, build, and design presentations, all in one place. Some useful features include tracking slide progress, live video collaboration, and user-friendly templates. Here’s what the community is saying:

“The unique features Pitch offers over more traditional slide tools are fantastic, and a breath of fresh air.” - Zach

“You don't feel like you are fighting it all the time, it's just so intuitive and silky smooth.” - Paul

We’ve seen many other presentation helpers pop up this year. Check out these other tools:

OpenDeck wants to help startups perfect their next pitch with over 1,200+ slide templates. Work on your presentation notes with the Comprehensive Startup Pitch Deck Guide and nail any pitch format.

Wunderpresentation turns any text into a presentation without having to deal with design.

Sizle is a sales presentation tracking tool that showcases slide analytics for documents.

Pitchdeck for Figma allows designers to create stunning slide decks from their Figma designs.

Will you introduce your team to Pitch? Let us know 👇


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