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April 2nd, 2018

Spotify is going public 🤑
Best spotify apps 🎵
Spotify is going public today in an unusual way. Instead of using a bank, they're IPOing with an uncommon funding mechanism: a direct listing. Shareholders and employees will be able to sell their equity, but Spotify isn't actually raising any new funding by issuing new shares.

Quick facts about the IPO:
  • Unlike most other executive teams, Spotify's co-founders will retain 80% of the voting power. 👀
  • The mega-unicorn will trade as $SPOT.
  • In the last three months of 2017, Spotify lost $7.9M every day.

The Product Hunt community loves Spotify, with dozens of integrated apps and tools to enhance your music-listening experience:

👂 Listen lets you add songs to Spotify playlists with your keyboard.
📻 JQBX is like (RIP).
🔈 Pacemaker+ makes it easy to DJ (it’s truly amazing).
🤔 Forgotify finds the poor songs that have never been played.
🗓️ Your 2017 Wrapped curates your favorite songs from last year.
📊 builds beautiful analytics about your listening habits.
🖥️ Skip Tunes lets you control Spotify from your menubar.
🎤 Find Your Best Festival finds your next favorite music festivals based on your listening history.

Discover the 20 Best Spotify products before they're public 💸

Hot Upcoming Products 🔥

RightBar, a free welcome bar that’s personalized for every visitor.

Scout, a tool to invest in 10 different cryptocurrencies.

Shine, a Sunrise-inspired calendar for your every day.

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