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October 20th, 2020

1M+ ways to create a Genie
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Imagine if you could clone yourself into the digital world looking a million different ways.

Genies’ upgraded 3D Avatar & Digital Goods SDK can make that a reality. No longer an exclusive perk reserved for celebrities, everyday users (for the first time ever) will soon be able to create their own personalized 3D Genies, starting with these two apps:

👜 GUCCI users will be able to shop directly with GUCCI for digital goods while their avatars rock the latest apparel designs.

😜 GIPHY will help users turn their avatars into GIFs across their site, mobile app, and other supported networks.

Genies hopes to grow these SDK partnerships to create a new type of digital goods economy and marketplace. In the future, you can cop the latest sneakers, swag, or accessories from their impressive roster of thousands of celebrities (Shawn Mendes and Cardi B to name a few) from their Genies’ Avatar Agency.

After creating your unique 3D Genie, you can teleport from platform to platform, interacting with other users to socialize or show off. Here’s what the community thinks of their latest update:

“From Oculus to Zoom, having one Avatar that can integrate across each digital touchpoint is something I think is much needed.” - Gabe

“Loved your earlier website and love this new update... would be a great addition to our AR platform.” - Snehaal

If you want to bring Genies Avatars + Digital Goods to your platform, you can request access at

What will your Genie look like?


Get ready to enter survival mode with friends over Zoom. 

Play The Hike and see how long your squad can last in this pick-a-path adventure game.

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