Product Hunt Weekly Digest
March 18th, 2018

A sneak peek at the latest Y Combinator startups 👀
YC's Latest batch
Y Combinator is the most competitive startup accelerator. Thousands of teams apply every batch. Only ~1% get in.

Today, YC’s bi-annual Demo Day kicks off. Over 100 founders will take the stage, pitching a room packed with investors and journalists at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View.

We've put together a collection of some of the startups coming out of Y Combinator’s Winter 2018 batch, from wild AR apps to AI assistants that watch you in your home:

📈 CoinTracker is a cryptocurrency portfolio tracker that will do your taxes for you automatically. Supports 2,000 tokens. That's a lot of tokens.

🚭 Quit Genius gives personalized and proven advice on how to quit smoking, founded by a doctor.

📝 Slite is a beautiful note app for teams. Launched with 1,800+ upvotes.

👉 Piccolo lets you control your IoT devices just by pointing at them. Imagine if Alexa had eyes that could see evvverryyything you do at home.

📰 Substack will help you launch your own paid newsletter. Create your own Stratechery like Ben Thompson.

📹 Arrow for iOS lets you add AR text and emojis to your videos.

💌 EasyEmail is a Chrome extension that will write your emails for you.

🤖 Molly is an AI version of you that can answer everybody's questions, so you can focus on building. It's like a cookie from Black Mirror. 😳

Must-have Mac apps 🍎

Other than the usual suspects of Chrome, Dropbox, Spotify, and your pick of non-Apple made email client, what are the first apps you download when setting up your new Mac?

1) Mac users LOVE menu bar apps! A lot of the responses mentioned CaffeineAlfred, and f.lux.

2) macOS really needs to come with a built-in windows organizer. Popular apps include: Spectacle, Magnet, and BetterSnap.

3) The ubiquity of Slack means that Slack-like :emoji: commands are now essential, in every app. Rocket does just that.

4) Use a password manager! It should be one of the first apps you download (1Password was mentioned a lot).

5) Download this app last.
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