Product Hunt Daily Digest
March 4th, 2018

The robots are coming!
15 Creative AI Tools
Artificial Intelligence is here to automate your entire life: scheduling meetings, shopping for groceries, and identifying whether you're about to eat a hot dog (with 2900+ upvotes!).

But... AI isn't just about efficiency. Here are 15 products to help you design and build beautiful things, powered by Machine Learning:

🎹 Play a piano duet with Google's AI on your laptop.

🎥 Your SO will love this: AI for picking the perfect movie. Solving the biggest 1st world problem of our generation.

😂 Your SO will LOL at this: AI for generating only the best memes.

📸 Shazam for fonts, so you can find every font with just a pic.

📝 Then find the perfect font pairing with this tool from IDEO.

👀 Use with caution: you can now clone anybody's voice (to make them say anything). It's like Photoshop, but for audio.

Justin at Algorithmia curated the 15 most creative AIs, just for you 🤖
Our newest Maker Story is here: a deep-dive with the founder of an online custom jewelry company. Make your mother's day. 😘💍
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