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February 26th, 2018

NEW from Product Hunt: Our most requested product πŸ“±
Download the New App πŸ’₯
Last week, we launched our new experimental app, Sip. Today we're introducing the new Product Hunt mobile app, available on iOS and for the first time, Android (you can stop asking now! πŸ˜…).

The app was rewritten from scratch with three primary goals:

πŸ’‹ Keep it simple – Now with less clutter, focused on the top products of the day

⚑️ Make it fast β€” 2-3x faster load times, now sporting advanced card swiping technologyℒ️

πŸ“° Inform β€” Product descriptions, 3rd party articles, and badges tell more about the product

Download the app for iOS or Android (sorry, BlackBerry folks!) and join the discussion (we'd love your feedback).

P.S. HUGE thanks to everyone that offered feedback during the beta. If you'd like to help and get early access to future releases, join us.

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