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March 8th, 2018

You don't need VCs! 💰
37 Bootstrapped Products
So much attention is focused on fundraising milestones and unicorn anointment. Funding is just a means to an end: many founders forgo venture funding, building their business with their savings or cashflow.

We recently asked the Product Hunt community:

"What are some of your favorite products built by bootstrappers?"

Responses include:

✈️ Nomad List, made by Pieter Levels to help digital nomads discover the best place to live and work. “I use NomadList all the time and [Golden Kitty winner, Pieter Levels is] always improving it.” – Joseph Pack

🖥 Carrd, made by a Nashville-based maker, is a dead simple tool for creating a single page website. “This is the quickest, simple website builder.” – Angad Singi

Todist, made by a fully distributed team to help people manage their tasks productively. They're also working on a team chat app to compete with the heavily VC-funded Slack and Google's new Hangouts Chat.

🏕 Basecamp, also made by a distributed team founded in 1999 (!!!), is a widely used team productivity tool to compete with Atlassian-owned Trello.

🚨 Hyperping, made by solo maker Leo Baecker, will let you know when your site is down (it's ok, it happens to the best of us).

Explore more bootstrapped products and recommend your favorites.
Want a peek into tomorrow's product launches? Here are few notable products, launching soon:

💰 Versa, the Apple Pay for crypto
🤖 Maslo AI, a voice journal with personality
💣 DayBomb, a tool to make you more productive (54K+ subscribed)

Explore more upcoming products.
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