Product Hunt Daily Digest
February 20, 2018
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If you're planning on cutting down your coffee consumptions, this email isn't for you. Bright innovators are continuing to work on new ways of consuming the magical bean that gives your startup fuel. Here are some of the latest coffee products for you. πŸ˜½

πŸ‘¨ Turn Zuckerberg (or any image) into coffee with the Ripple Maker

β˜• Keep your coffee in your pocket with GO CUBES

πŸ“š Learn the science behind the bean with How To Make Coffee

🍼 Sip on Soylent's nutritious coffee-based Coffiest breakfast

πŸ” Find the best coffee shops to work from (WiFi passwords too)

If you'd rather sleep (than be realllllly awake), mega-popular meditation app Calm launched an insomnia cure that smells amazing. 😌

Last week, we launched Maker Stories, a series highlighting makers from the Product Hunt community from around the world.

This week, meet the team behind Storeo, a picture-perfect app to help you make the perfect Instagram story. πŸ“Έ

Kabaq 3D Food Scanner
Kabaq creates the world's best 3D food models and presents them through augmented reality. Now Kabaq is launching a 3D Food scanner for people to capture and share food content as it has never been done before.
Get the best new products in your inbox, daily.