Product Hunt Daily Digest
July 30th, 2020

An 18 year old’s new side project
Create a New Tab
Over the years we’ve seen a ton of new tab browser extensions. Some of our personal favorites: Momentum, Unsplash Instant, Tabby Cat, Tabagotchi, and of course, The Product Hunt Tab. 😉

Yesterday, myFrontpage launched to give everyone the POWER to create their own new tab experience. Using its visual editor, you can customize your page with preset widgets, including welcome text, the current weather, random memes, jokes, and even xkcd comics. It’s refreshingly simple – you don’t even need to register an account.

MyFrontpage was built by An, an 18 year old maker from Germany. In his launch introduction:

“I never really liked the default page which showed up when opening up a new tab in my browser. I see it hundred times each and every day. And yet, it's unpersonal, not really customizable and actually kinda boring. That's why I created myFrontpage.”

This isn’t An’s first product (as evidenced on his Product Hunt profile). He’s also built:

First Tweets, a directory of the first tweets ever tweeted
shrtcode, a secure link shorter alternative to, a TV channel built on top of YouTube
RSS API, a tool to convert RSS feeds into a JSON API
SnackLog, a food tracking web app

We’re inspired by community members like An and many of the other young makers on Product Hunt from around the globe. Keep building, friends. 😸
Currently #1 on Product Hunt today: A tool to add custom widgets into your Notion docs including:

📆 Google Calendar (even private ones)
🌞 Weather
📊 Life Progress Bar
💬 Motivational Quotes
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