Product Hunt Daily Digest
February 13th, 2018

Celebrate Valentine’s Day on the blockchain ❤️

It’s Valentine’s Day and we’ve prepared a few products for every situation. Choose the scenario that best fits you:

Scenario A: You have a date with your long-term SO. 🙂

Scenario B: You've been set up on a blind date. 😬

Scenario C: You're in a long distance relationship and love Netflix... 🍿

Scenario D: You hate Valentine's Day. 💔

Last minute gift ideas: engrave your love on the blockchain (really!), or make the perfect Spotify-powered mixtape for your boo.


Turn down billions of dollars, and live to tell the tale.

Former TechCrunch writer Billy Galagher's new book reveals Snapchat’s sexty dorm-room origin to turning down $3 billion from Zuck. 👀

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