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January 28th, 2018

Golden Kitty Awards Winners 🏆😻
Golden Kitty Winners 🏆
The 3rd Annual Golden Kitty awards came down to the wire, literally. Multiple categories were nearly tied at yesterday’s cutoff, including:

CryptoKitties and in Crypto ⛓
• Tixio and Gmail Unsubscriber in Lifehacks ⚡️
Coinbase and Telegram for Breakout Product 📈

The most upvoted product of the year, Station held its lead over fan favorite Firefox Quantum to win Product of the Year. This is the first time the year’s most upvoted product is also the winner of the top product category.

Congrats to Telegram for winning Breakout Product of the Year, followed closely by category favorite, Coinbase.

In a shocking twist, Petcubes Bites beat out 2x Golden Kitty Award winner Elon Musk in the prestigious WTF Product category. In response, the Golden Kitty Awards veteran has pivoted The Boring Company's product (and fundraising strategy) from on-brand Boring Company hats, to less-boring $600 flamethrowers. 🔥

The Community Member of the Year is Kevin William David, just ahead of Hiten Shah, Kiki Schirr, and last year's winner, Chris Messina. The Maker of the Year award goes to Pieter Levels, followed by Lisa Dziuba, Mubashar Iqbal, and Jordan Gonen.

Check out the winners in all 16 categories. 🏆

Congrats to all the nominees and makers for building something awesome in 2017. 😺
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