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January 23rd, 2018

How to spy on your Twitter friends 🕵️
Spy on Twitter

Big Twitter news! COO and board member Anthony Noto has left the company to become the CEO of social finance startup, SoFi.

The news made the rounds across Wall Street and Silicon Valley, and kickstarted two equally important discussions: Jack Dorsey's duel CEO role at Twitter/Square, and tracking Twitter bio changes. 🤓

Jack Dorsey: Excellent Live Chat guest. 2017 Golden Kitty Award nominee for excellence in hardware. 280 character limit disrupter. Featured on the Product Hunt book cover. He's doing juuust fine.

Tracking changes in Twitter bios: Here's how to do that:

1. First, sign up to Spoonbill.

2. Spoonbill looks at all the people you follow and checks for changes you should know about (new bio, new job? new location, a big move?).

3. Changes are recorded, select which ones you want to know about.

4. Every morning (or every week), Spoonbill send you an email with all the changes (that looks like the screenshot Hunter Walk tweeted above).

Get Spoonbill and never miss another career move again. 🕵️
Golden Kitty Awards Update: The competition is to the wire in multiple categories. Upvote your picks by Sunday 12pm PST.

🌟 Product of the Year: Firefox Quantum vs. HQ Trivia

📱 Mobile App of the Year: Grammarly vs. Things vs. Notion

Crypto Product of the Year: CryptoKitties vs. Earn

Check out all the categories and nominated products. 🏆😻
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