Product Hunt Daily Digest
January 18th, 2018

Die with me
Die With Me
TFW your phone hits 20% battery: 😟

TFW your phone hits 10% battery: 😩

Apple, what are you doing to my 🔋 ⁉️

Your phone hits 5% battery: WOOHOO! 🎉 Now you can chat with fellow battery-deprived fellows on Die With Me, a new app with a sadistic name that just launched out of Belgium.

If you're the kind of person that sneaks home from the party once your phone hits 50% battery, this app isn't for you. But you might love this new product from Elon Musk.

For everyone else...
ICYMI, Y Combinator launched a community for women in tech called Leap. 👏👏👏
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