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June 4th, 2020

The rise of remote dating 💖
Virtual Speed-date
A pandemic truth: dating is not the same. When the entire dating pool pivots from IRL to TXT, there are bound to be some lasting effects.

According to Tinder data, March 29th was the biggest day in the apps history with over 3 billion swipes. Tinder may be one of the leaders in digital dating, but there are plenty of apps experimenting with new ways to find your love. 🌹

💖 League Live is virtual speed dating with a twist. Go on 3 dates in 6 minutes with users in your area that match your preferences.

💖 XO Dating Games has built-in games and icebreakers to combat initial awkwardness.

💖 Flutter Dating is a fast-paced dating app that only works on Sundays.

💖 Hinge Labs is more of a crash course on dating, designed to be deleted once you've found your match.

💖 Facebook Dating is an alternative for the app-shy generation, it’s focused on ‘meaningful relationships’ so you match when you have things in common, like interests, events or groups.

If you’ve already found your partner, there’s an app for you too. Tuned by Facebook is a place where you can create a memory box, exchange music, and share your moods with your partner to keep you in sync. Or try Cocoon, a YC-backed startup founded by two former Facebook employees.
Kubera has a very personal question for you: what is your net worth? Track yours and store your most sensitive documents in a digital safety deposit box.
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