Product Hunt Daily Digest
October 13th, 2016

GIFs are the new elevator pitch 💰🤗
Pitch with a GIF
GIFs: moving images, a simple concept that's now the universal language of the internet. Research (likely) shows a direct correlation between the rise of GIFs and people's decreasing attention span online.

The question is... Can you describe your product in a GIF? Easier said than done, but here are some of the best examples we've seen:

• Oristand's portable and super affordable standing desk
• Blockhead's clever solution to your MacBook charger not fitting
Register to Vote's ID scanning solution is brilliant
• Papier's beautiful note-taking app in your browser
• Highly's Medium-style highlighting in every app and website
• Zoom, Enhance! which turns your regular photos into zoomable GIFs
Morning Tools: An important part of any routine that gets us up and running. Here we have a community made collection of some of the best recommendations of them all. ☀️💁
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