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June 2nd, 2020

A moment for you ✨
Get fit with AI
Taking care of each other is important, and taking care of ourselves can sometimes come in second. When you can, remember to take a moment for yourself.

To help with that, we’ve spotted some new health and wellness apps to add to your homescreen.

We all know about Calm and Headspace, so we'd like to highlight a few lesser known apps you might want to add to your daily routine:

Calmaria is a breathing app with an enviable aesthetic, the aim is to reduce anxiety and promote focus.

Medito is a free-forever meditation app that was made by a non-profit that believes meditation should be ad free and available to everyone.

TooDeep is an anonymous peer-to-peer support platform that uses audio notes to relieve anxiety.

Since physical health and mental health are so connected, adding some novelty to your fitness regime can help you max out both. Fresh workouts to add to your mix:

Krew made an AI-augmented livestream workout platform that's guided by physiotherapists and nutritionists.

Shark.Health created a Netflix-like experience for workout videos with the popular videos at the top.

Tonal also launched an at home app that’s worth a look, with workout videos and habit tracking in one spot.

However you do it, take care of you. 💪
A very alternative relaxation method, start communicating using Jazz music only. 😌

Trying sculpting a message for your friends using music with JazzKeys.
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