Product Hunt Daily Digest
June 1st, 2020

The rise of prototype tools
Try Framer
RIP conference room white-boarding sessions. The future of collaborative design is remote, and now you can create publish-worthy prototypes from home with no-code.

There are a lot of fresh prototyping tools these days, and the PH community has a lot of thoughts.

On Framer for web: “What I like most about Framer is that it’s also helping move the design process closer to "production" by giving designers better, more powerful tools for prototyping. This is much different than the typical workflow on Figma/ Sketch where you’re primarily working with static screens that are animated with basic transitions to create prototypes.” - Jason.

On Inspireframe “Very cool app for prototyping high converting landing pages. Easy to use, it enables you to materialize a landing page idea in a few minutes.” - Lucian.

On Bravo Studio “Love that this is fixing the main issue I have with these no code app builders, it allows you full control of the UI.” - Ben.

On ProtoPie “The main difference is Protopie won't make you jump off a building when you get syntax errors or find an API bug.”- Shuen.

And once your prototype is ready for feedback, give MarkUp or Maze a try. 🙌
If you want to support a local black-owned business today, there’s now a restaurant app to help with that. 🖤
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