Product Hunt Weekly Digest
December 17th, 2017

Winners of the PH Global Hackathon 🌎🏆
Global Hackathon Winners

Over 4,500 makers from 124 different countries participated in the Product Hunt Global Hackathon this November, competing for $250,000 in prizes. According to the judges, the results were seriously impressive.

Today we’re excited to announce the 10 winning teams across 6 categories: Blockchain/Crypto, Social Impact, AI/Machine Learning, Augmented Reality, Slack, and Google Assistant – in addition to the 3 grand prize winners.

Category Winners

💰 Blockchain/Crypto: Supermax 

🙏 Social Impact: Donate Your Website and Sempo

🌐 AI / Machine Learning: Audify

😮 Augmented Reality: Scavengar

🍭 Slack: Klue

🗣 Google Assistant: Autometa

You can read a detailed breakdown of each of the categories and the winning teams in Winners of the Product Hunt Global Hackathon announcement on Medium.

Grand Prize Winners

🥉 3rd PlaceKenza is a plug and play application for data scientists and developers to quickly build, train, and deploy ML models at scale. The entire judging team was impressed by how easy this service is to use compared to existing solutions.

Thanks to our partners, the Kenza team will receive $15,000 in AWS credits, a Global Classroom Course from Girls in Tech, and access to Stripe Atlas. Congratulations to Pavlos, Alex, Thelxi, and Joakim!

🥈 2nd PlaceSweetBud is a magical coffee cup lid that makes any coffee taste sweet using electrical currents to stimulate your tongue. The entire team was impressed by the uniqueness of this solution and the amount of progress made in just a month.

Sierra and Simon will receive $25,000 in AWS credits, a Global Classroom Course from Girls in Tech, and access to Stripe Atlas.

🥇 1st PlaceToken Tax files all of your cryptocurrency taxes for you, integrating directly with Coinbase’s API to import all of your investments and export a single PDF that you can submit directly to the IRS.

Huge congratulations to our top winners, David and Alex. They’ll receive a $100,000 in AWS credits to pursue Token Tax (or any other project you’d like), a fully-inclusive trip to TechCrunch Disrupt, a Global Classroom Course from Girls in Tech, and access to Stripe Atlas. 🎉

19 Honorable Mentions

With hundreds of submissions from around the world, we wanted to recognize other notable products that caught our eye. Scroll down to the end, and see some seriously impressive projects hackathon participants have worked on. 👏

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