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December 13th, 2017

Google launches HQ Trivia competitor 😛
Reveal the Answers
Google just published its Year in Search report, highlighting the most popular search queries in 2017.

Using AI and rocket surgery technology, we created the most advanced email-based trivia game dubbed the “HQ of Google Trends” (without cash prizes… sorry!). Here’s how to play:

1. Read the questions below
2. Select an answer in your head for all 3 questions
3. Hit the "Reveal Answers" button and celebrate (or 😭)

Questions #1: What was the most popular TV show? 📺
- Game of Thrones
- American Gods
- Stranger Things
- 13 Reasons Why
- Silicon Valley

Question #2: What was the most popular “how to…” query? 🤔
- How to buy bitcoin
- How to sell bitcoin
- How to make a LaCroix spritzer
- How to make slime
- How to make a fidget spinner

Question #3: What was the most popular tech product? 📱
- Nintendo Switch
- Razer Phone
- iPhone 8
- iPhone X
- Squatty Potty

Got your answers? Go here to see your results. 😊
The Founder and CEO of Plutio just wrote a post on how Ship streamlined their launch and user interview process. ⛵️🚀

"You need continuous feedback, right from the start.” – Leo Bassam
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