Product Hunt Daily Digest
December 10th, 2017

Your big break into tech 👩‍💻
Get Your Big Break

On Friday, Anil Dash tweeted: "Who is a person (not counting family) that opened doors for you in your career when they didn’t have to?"

The tweet has since gone viral, with thousands of replies pouring in. Anil has brought the same question to the Product Hunt community, asking you to show gratitude to the people who've opened doors for you in your career (we'll RT our favorite responses on Twitter).

Everybody who works in the tech industry has had their "big break" – a single, defining moment that changed their professional lives forever. Yours has just arrived.

We've partnered with General Assembly to let a one lucky winner attend one of the biggest tech conferences of the year
We can't say which event, but it rhymes with "Schmoogle Eye Oh". Enter to win.

The winner will also receive:

✈️ $500 airline credit from anywhere to Mountain View
🏨 Hotel and transportation credit around the city
🛠️ $200 credit for any General Assembly development class

😻 Meet the Product Hunt team in San Francisco!

We have reached peak CryptoKitty fever. Over the weekend, a new tool was created to help decode the CryptoKitty genome. 😳
P.S. Linda Xie, a former PM at Coinbase, put together a list of beginner's guide articles she has written on various cryptoassets, including: Ethereum, Monero, Litecoin, 0x, Tezos, Bitcoin Cash, Decred, and Zcash. Bookmark it.