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December 5th, 2017

Uber’s secret plan, revealed! 📊😮
Credit Card Fever 💳
Hi everyone! I'm Nick, on the Ship team at Product Hunt. ⛵️

I love credit card points. Finding the best rewards is addictive (I haven’t paid for a flight in years), so I and 700+ other credit card-loving upvoters was excited to see Uber launch their own credit card last month.

It seemed like a natural progression of Uber’s core business. However, to credit card power users, some of Uber’s rewards were baffling (only 2% cash back on any Uber ride).

One could write this off as a low-effort entrance into an established credit industry, but doing so would ignore Uber’s true intention: to launch the first data-driven restaurant empire by combining your restaurant spending data and location history. That's a possibility.

You can read about how Uber is replacing local restaurants with big data in a new post I just published on the Product Hunt Blog.

We also put together a collection of credit card alternatives and tools you may want to look into:

📦 Amazon Prime Rewards Card gives you 5% back on your every Amazon purchase. It's like free money if you have a Prime membership.

💎 Chase Sapphire Reserve has become the go-to card for millennials, and offers ~4% back on any travel expenses (including Uber).

👑 Final give a unique credit card number to every merchant so you don't waste time re-establishing your payment relationships if you're card is lost or stolen.

🗂 Tally manages all of your credit cards in one place, automatically paying your bills to minimize interest and avoid late fees.

💵 Sift gives you automatic refunds from hidden credit card benefits.

💳 Petal is a simple, no-fee card, that doesn't require a credit score. Instead, they look at the money you make and the bills you already pay to help you qualify instantly.

P.S. Developers can use the Dummy Card Generator to create fake credit card numbers for eCommerce testing. 😛
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