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November 30th, 2017

Find out what your startup options are worth 💰
Explore OptionPlan
Just 2 weeks ago, the startup community (justifiably) flipped tables when a U.S. tax reform bill attempted to introduce a change that would force employees to pay taxes on options once they vest. Fortunately, the bill didn’t pass (😅) but many startups are still challenged to create the right stock option plan to award and retain their best talent.

Index Ventures created a product to help. OptionPlan is a new benchmarking tool informed by over 4,000 option grants. Executives can use this to set fair equity packages for their team. Employees can use this to compare their offer to the market and better understand what their options might be worth some day.

With First Round’s launch of a search engine for tech knowledge, and Index’s OptionPlan tool, many VC firms seem to be dedicating more time in their terminal than Medium. Products are the new blog posts.

P.S. Check out TL;DR Options and guesstimate the possible value of startup options. 😛
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