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November 15th, 2017

Impress your desk neighbor with these apps 🖥✨
Upgrade Your Scenery ✨
Fun fact: The average American spends more than 10 hours looking at a screen, so let's treat our screens with some love. Upgrade your scenery with these magical wallpaper and screensaver experiences. 🖥✨


💻 Desktopr turns your wallpaper into any website
🦁 Live Desktop makes your wallpaper come alive with animations
🌌 WLPPR mobile wallpapers come from satellite imagery 
🎩 Wallpaper Wizard has all the wallpapers you'll need 

And if you have a dual monitor setup, these Dual-Screen Wallpapers are stunning. 😻


📀 DVD Screensaver will make you nostalgic instantly
😎 GitHub Matrix turns your latest commit into the Matrix
🕰 Countdown Screensaver is a minimalist counter for your screen
🕘 The Padbury Clock (pictured above) is a minimalist screensaver that should be the default on any machine

If you're against the concept of screensavers, prevent your Mac from ever going to sleep with Caffeine. ☕️
Yesterday we highlighted community members who made the Forbes 30 under 30. In response, Marc launched 100 under 100: a list of 100 people under 100 who did not make the Forbes list. 💯

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