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October 26th, 2017

Strangest Products Ever. 🌀
Get Creative 😜
Happy holiday! Today is Stranger Things Season 2 Day. The Netflix hit series has been available for more than 7 hours and some of you may have already binged to the end

How to celebrate and look cool in front of your friends:

Create your own Stranger Things header. Makers Make! Drink LaCroix! The possibilities are endless. So many things could go viral on this special day. Create your own, and tag @ProductHunt. We'll RT the best.

Play the Stranger Things game on iPhone and Android. Warning: it will trigger your childhood memories, nostalgia at it's best. 👌

EVEN Stranger Things. This site uses AI to turn your photo into a strange poster. Stranger Cat will make your day.😸

You can also play the unofficial game and re-imagine what 1983 would be like with Stranger Games. 👾
Who will be the breakout companies to watch in 2018? Add your prediction. 🔮
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