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April 20th, 2020

The tooth fairy goes tech
Try Pearlii
Pearlii — a medtech startup that uses AI image processing to scan photos of your teeth — launched last weekend with the mission of making basic dental care available to all.

Pearlii founder, Dr Kyle Turner, was born in rural Australia, and grew up with “shocking” teeth. He actually used another “s” word to describe them, but you get the picture. 💩

“We were very poor, and when you’re fighting to get food on the table, dental checks are a pretty low priority,” Kyle said.

The improvements in phone cameras have made teledentistry viable as diagnostic tool to flag dental problems. Users are asked to open wide and take 5 photos, and Pearlii’s AI tech scans the pics to find abnormalities and make recommendations.

Currently in beta, Pearlii aims to provide everyone who needs it with a free, fast dental check-up at home. Rather than charging for the dental checkups, the revenue comes through referrals, like booking your dental appointment through the app.

Pearlii isn’t the only tooth fairy in the PH community either.

Toothpic app let’s you check your smile with a dentist by taking a few selfies, and Lumio recently launched a retractable, virus killing, electric toothbrush on Kickstarter.
A little something else to make you smile, while we’re at it. This chrome extension presents you with a new llama friend each time you open a new tab.
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