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April 16th, 2020

Creative ways to cure remoteliness
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Feeling pretty lonely these days, hbu? Lucky for us, makers have been tackling the biggest downside to remote work.

Pragli created a virtual office, where you can customize your own avatar and interact with your colleagues. You can use your avatar to give visual cues about what you’re up to through the day. If you’re at your desk, in a meeting, in the zone, or taking a break, it gives your team a better understanding of how to interact with you.

Here’s what the PH community thinks so far:

“These avatars seem like a great way to indicate that you're around, without having to be on camera all day.” - Ramy

“Only complaint is that I can't make my avatar look more like Joe Exotic - it's close though.” - Timothy

If you’re less into offices and more into making avatars that look like Joe, check out Facemoji Camera.

Another launch that hit our radar is Moodline. You can use the app to track your moods over time so you can manage them better. Find patterns in your moods, and use data to improve 💪

“It's an important time to learn how to manage our moods as humans” - Tristan

“Really useful and I enjoy the soft appearance” - Margaret

If you’re missing your colleagues, why not plan something creative to do together?

You could host an art party where you can draw with your team! NYC Draws just launched free virtual drawing lessons and coloring pages.

How have you been feeling about working remotely lately? Share your thoughts will fellow makers.
Want to really spice up your next team Zoom call? You can invite a real goat (or llama) from Sweet Farm.
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