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October 11th, 2017

Best Keyboard Shortcuts ⌨⚡️
Best Keyboard Shortcuts ⌨⚡️
Stack Overflow just released a keyboard. 🐥

You can save a lot of time if you leave your hands on the keyboard. Secret: this is how Superhuman makes emailing 2x faster. And so, it's no surprise that Gaurav from the Superhuman team asked

Which apps offer a great keyboard shortcut user experience? 🤔 

The community responded with these:

🖥 Magnet & BetterSnapTool: Use keyboard shortcuts to move/resize windows around the screen. Both of these are amazing

⌨ Keyboard Maestro: Conduct your Mac like a pro. Arun says: "Keyboard Maestro is crazy awesome. I have been using for an year now for a ton of automation and hotkeys."

⚡️ aText: It's like text-replacement, but super easy to modify, with the ability to add custom fields. Accelerate your typing.

👻 Ghost Browser: The productivity browser for tech pros. It has keyboard shortcuts for some of the most niche developer use cases that exist.

😏 Cheatsheet shows you available keyboard shortcuts in your current application.

🎩 Alfred: Will make you never use your mouse again.
Mark Zuckerberg on stage at Connect and introduced a $199 standalone VR headset – not tethered to a PC. Oculus Go will make virtual reality mainstream.
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