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April 7th, 2020

Facebook's latest experiment

Calling all couples: Facebook has a new app for you. 👋

Facebook just (quietly) released a new app called Tuned — it’s a multimedia messaging app designed to help couples talk to each other. The move comes seven months after Facebook Dating (remember that?) launched, but instead of a matching app, Tuned is more of social network for *experimental* exchanges. 👀

From the app, people can share their mood, exchange music (via Spotify), share voice memos and create a digital scrapbook, among other things. Facebook is calling its messaging features a “private space” for couples to connect.

The app reportedly doesn’t require a Facebook account, but users’ data can still be used for ad targeting by the company. Tuned also comes out of Facebook’s ‘New Product Experimentation’ team, a group building consumer-facing apps to test out new ideas. Previously, this team built Aux, Bump, Hobbi and Whale, which we’ve written about before.

The app comes at an interesting moment, and is probably best served for couples who don’t live together right now.

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Try Tuned

In this week’s edition of Product Hunt Radio, we talk to Pieter Levels, founder of Nomad List, RemoteOK, and Hoodmaps. Abadesi and Pieter cover why he doesn’t want to build a team around his products, the difference between creating a website and creating a community and what the digital nomad style looks like.

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