Product Hunt Weekly Digest
April 5th, 2020

Goodbye Apple Watch 👋
Check out YUR

“Over the course of the last quarter we've seen an incredible shift in the world due to COVID-19, people are looking for new avenues to stay active while at-home.” - Dilan Shah co-founder and Chief Product Officer at YUR

YUR is a VR fitness tracking tool that just rolled out a “virtual watch.” How it works: YUR lets you track fitness metrics (heart rate, daily calories, squat count, etc.) with any wearable heart rate monitor while you play VR games that keep you in shape. Note: It only works with Oculus Quest right now. 

The virtual watch interface is definitely novel and might be a fun way to enhance your at-home workouts. To date, YUR reports that over 5.1 million workouts have been logged on their system by over 60,000 users.

Some early reviews from the PH community:

“The YUR app is amazing to stay motivated. Amazing to see it in this format! Guess I won’t need an Apple Watch soon.” - Naomi

“Now I can keep track of my fitness metrics without wearing any physical watch. The future is here.” - Robin

“This product will change the way VR is used!” - Sahin

Some other cool VR products we’ve seen launch in the last 30 days (if you’re looking for some futuristic activities):

👀 VR-OS is an operating system that replaces monitors with a head-mounted VR display.

👏 CoBlix VR lets you create your own virtual world, and then view it in VR.

🎮 oQQur is a community for VR streamers, bringing technologies and artists who want to want to create immersive experiences together.

🛋 Couch Live is a virtual living room for watching TV with friends.

🙌 SPACES lets you have a Zoom chat in VR.


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