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October 2nd, 2017

Snapchat leaked its own launch 😅
Snapchat's AR Platform (Watch the Video)
Yesterday, a Snapchat URL featuring a countdown to 12pm PST popped up on Twitter (which happens to be when Evan Spiegel’s talk today at Vanity Fair is set to begin). However, users quickly found out you can trick your computer’s local time to reveal their big announcement early!

Snapchat is launching an AR platform that allows objects to be pinned in specific locations in augmented reality.

To start, the platform will feature art installations that users can see by holding up their phones in the right spot. See photos of pop artist Jeff 
Koons' work from Las Vegas, Sydney, and Paris.

By starting with artists, Snapchat is ensuring quality content will be available from the very beginning, while becoming the defacto platform for augmented attractions. The next step is why this is interesting.

Once anyone can pin objects around them, Snapchat will become the augmented layer of cities. The concept of anchoring digital information to physical places is a powerful thing.

Instead of awkwardly holding up your phone, imagine exploring this new world through Snap’s (not yet announced) next gen Spectacles. 😎
Inspired by Trevor Noah, a 17 year-old maker from India created a stunning Chrome extension to help Puerto Rico recover from the recent hurricanes. It's well-worth the 99 cents. All of it donated. 🙏
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