Product Hunt Daily Digest
October 1st, 2017

Most upvoted product last month 💻🏆
Best of September 🏆
In a shocking twist, the iPhone X was not the most upvoted product last month. That honor goes to Sublime Text 3, which now lets you code from the Touch Bar. Our new kitty mascot came in third. 😸⛵️

A recap of the most important product launches:

🖥 Trello launched a desktop app (what will happen to Paws?)
📱 The magical Notion editor is now available on iOS
💫 Atlassian created an end-to-end design language
📐 Of the dozens of AR measuring apps, this was the top one
💬 Botletter delivers your newsletters on Facebook Messenger
📊 The Snappr team created a database of Y Combinator companies
📖 We published a book on how to build a career in tech
🔋 Pi Charger is the world's first contactless wireless charger
💳 Petal introduced a simple no-fee credit card
📈 Viral Loops built a DIY Dropbox-style referral program for makers

Check out the full list of most upvoted products in September.
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