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September 18th, 2017

Every app is updating 😱
What's your favorite iOS 11 feature?
Why is every single app updating this morning? Because iOS 11 is here! Apple's latest operating system will be ready to download for normals (non-developers) later today. If you're one of the lucky few hundred thousand with early access, share with the community what you think are the best iOS 11 features.

Here's what we read on the internets:

🔴 Screen Recording: At long last, Apple will allow you to record your own screen, a feature Android has had for years.

🐱 Animoji: The greatest innovation since the invention of the internet. Available when the iPhone X ships. We'll be waiting.

🕹 Control Center: Massive overhaul, with the ability to customize the toggles you really want/need. Just like Android.

📝 Notes App: Apples continues to improve the world's most popular default notes editor, bringing it closer to Evernote and Bear.

📸 Screenshots: Ability to immediately edit/markup screenshots before sharing it, similar to Instabug.

🗄 Files: A brand new standalone app to manage your files if Dropbox isn't working.

🤖 Text to Siri: Siri is getting a massive overhaul in an attempt to find product-market fit.

💵 Pay in iMessage: Like Venmo and Square Cash, but with the ability to include iMessage effects for urgency.

😮 ARKit: The coolest innovation since the invention of Animoji.

iOS and Android are copying the best things from each other as they begin to feel increasingly similar. “I don’t really think it matters what mobile OS you use these days. They are both really great.” says Fred Wilson. 🙏
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