Product Hunt Daily Digest
September 14th, 2016

New Slack app! Early access to the beta. 🖥⚡️
New Slack Beta
Slack, the GIF-sharing app with team collaboration and bots, has a new beta for Windows and Mac! It's completely rebuilt on Electron so everything is lightning fast (and just better overall). You're invited. 💌

Popular Slack bots you gotta try:
🐤 Birdly is a  Slack bot that does you expense reports
👥 Gotta Slack ‘Em All will distract your team with Pokemon
🕓 Timezoner is the time zone calculator for distributed teams
🌮 HeyTaco rewards your teammates with Tacos when they're 🔥
🌥 WorkBot lets you command all your cloud apps from Slack

Explore more Slack bots, but first download the new Slack Beta.
Some of you have waited a lifetime for this, for others this will be the best day of your life. You can now design your own LaCroix cans. What a time to be alive.