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January 26th, 2020

The new Vine
Check out Byte

Vine is back... kind of. The highly-anticipated reboot from the founders of Vine, a new app called Byte, is finally here. 🎉

The app debuted on iOS and Android on Friday with a “creativity first” mission. How it works: Byte lets you upload content from your camera roll or shoot media using the app’s camera. You then share your creations — six-second videos — just like you used to on Vine. It also sounds a lot like TikTok.

However, Byte’s founders hope the app will stand out from the pack by helping content creators actually make money (TikTok isn’t great at this right now). The app plans to launch a partner program in the near future that offers monetization option to popular creators on the app.

“We hope it’ll resonate with people who feel something’s been missing,” the Byte team wrote on Twitter.

Some early reactions:

“I was part of the BETA program during the last few months and Byte is really amazing: so much creativity bundled together.” - An

“This is the ‘TikTok’ killer. Vine should’ve never closed in the first place and swooped in.“ - Sean

“YouTube Byte compilations incoming...” - Andre

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