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Product Hunt Daily Digest
August 14th, 2017

"Yelp for VCs" ๐Ÿ‘€
Know Your VC
"Really important and necessary service for a startup world."

"I love that you're bringing transparency to a process that desperately needs it!"

"Great timing for this product."

"Yelp for VCs."

These are some of the community's thoughts onย Know Your VC.

What is it? A platform where founders anonymously (or not) review investors. 1st reaction: highly needed. 2nd reaction: uh-oh!ย The team of five is taking measures to maintain credibility by personally vetting contributors. ย 

While controversial, Know Your VCโ€™s mission is to bring transparency to the startup world. Get to know investors from Benchmark, General Catalyst, Greylock, and other Silicon Valley firms. And founders, if you have something to share, write your own review.

For the rest of us, sign up and browse freely.ย โœจ
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