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January 16th, 2020

The (unofficial) Apple archive
The (unofficial) Apple Archive

Warning: Get ready for some serious Apple nostalgia.

Yesterday, Maker Sam Henri Gold took the hood of his (unofficial) Apple Archive, an extensive collection of all things Apple.

The archive includes everything from old Apple commercials, to never released ads, to press releases and obscure photos that capture Apple’s history since it was founded 44 years ago. 🍎

The collection has about 15,000 (!!) files, which includes WWDC sessions, printed ads, Macworld videos, TV ads and clips of random things like Steve Jobs giving a tour of an early days Apple store.

Gold reportedly starting working on the archive when the YouTube channel ‘EveryAppleVideo’ (which was exactly what it sounds like) started taking all of its videos down. While Apple could definitely kill this project, we hope it doesn’t. Gold’s ultimate goal is to preserve the brand beloved by many and inspire creativity among younger folks.

Gold, who previously made an app for Twitter called Nighthawk, says he’ll continue to iterate on the archive in the meantime.

Check out the beautiful tribute to Apple for yourself here. 👈


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