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January 6th, 2020

Cannabis drama at CES
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KEEP is the first cannabis company to win a CES Innovation Award, but the company won’t be exhibiting at CES.

The Consumer Technology Association (CTA), aka the trade group that governs CES, banned KEEP from saying the word “cannabis” on the CES show floor. So KEEP decided it wound’t display at CES (despite winning a top award), since, well, it’s a cannabis company.

How it works: KEEP is a smart storage device for storing weed. The unit looks like a sleek smart speaker or clock, but it discreetly keeps marijuana hidden with an airtight seal and organization containers. Facial recognition unlocks the device, and the owner gets mobile alerts if the device is tampered with (there’s no risk of kids or dogs getting into this device).

The product was dreamt up by two dads, Ben Gilksman (a venture capital attorney) and Philip Wilkins (who previously sold two companies). They simply wanted a more safe and secure way to store their edibles.

“We found that the only products on the market we're perpetuating the 'stoner' stigma associated with cannabis and did nothing to address keeping cannabis responsibly, not hidden. After a year of research, design, and prototyping, we've built a product we're incredibly proud of." - Philip

While KEEP is not exhibiting at CES, the company is featured on the CES website alongside other Innovation Award Honorees.

This all feels familiar right? To jog your memory — last year CES rescinded an award for a micro-robotic sex toy made for women. Then, CES reinstated Osé as the winner of a robotics prize at the show. Don’t worry, the company is back at CES this year.


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