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December 29th, 2019

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It's almost the new year (and the start of the 2020s!). Cue the 2019 reflections.

Instead of evaluating your old routines and habits, let's recognize the people and products that made a difference to you this year by giving them a shout-out here. Here are a few submissions from the Product Hunt community so far:

“Thanks to  @adamwathan for making Tailwind CSS it changed the way I build websites, and they look so much better!“ - Mubashar

“Thank you to @mijustin for the Mega Maker community, @marie_dm_ for Women Make and @anthilemoon for the Newsletter Geeks community. Being a solo founder doesn't feel as lonely with their support.“  - Veni

“I am so thankful for the @producthunt team and all of the members of the Makers by Product Hunt community. I want to personally send a thank you to @rrhoover @abadesi @aaronoleary and @amrith for being so communicative and helpful this past year.“ - Brendan

“I gotta give @philzcoffee and @jacobjaber another shout out. For 7+ years, I spend the first few hours of my day slapping the keyboard with a Silken Splendor.“ - Ryan

Add your shout-outs and we'll share some of our favorites on Twitter. 😊


What does an *aesthetic* game of Tetris look like? Well, this. 👈