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December 26th, 2019

Top 5 most upvoted products in 2019 (so far)
Surreal designs

That’s it! Our series on the most upvoted products on Product Hunt in 2019 comes to an end today. You can catch up on the top 25 most upvoted products here. And you can find the top five most upvoted products of the year below.👇

5. Basecamp Personal is a completely free version of Basecamp designed with freelancers, students, families and personal projects in mind. You can use it for things like side projects, hobbies, weddings, small events and volunteer gigs.

“This might be a game changer for my marriage.“ - Jimmy

4. Sheety turns Google sheets into APIs (for free). It's pretty cool — you can power a website or an app entirely from a spreadsheet.

“This is a great tool for fast prototyping.” - Stefano

3. Absurd Design is a collection of free surrealist illustrations. The idea behind the project is to give makers a new way to create creative landing pages.

“Looks really clean and unreal! I'm going to get our team to use these illustrations on the next landing pages.” - Charles

2. MixKit is a collection of high-quality stock videos that are completely free.

“This should become the for videos.” - Aladin

1. Checklist Design is a collection of the best UI and UX practices for production-ready design.

“The designer in me became a student going through the checklist. Mainly I loved the inspiration examples for all the UI/UX scenarios.” - Sharath


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