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December 16th, 2019

10 apps to get you Kumail fit
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New Year’s resolution: Become as fit as Kumail Nanjiani (see above — it’s not photoshopped).

The Silicon Valley star alerted the internet yesterday that he’s extremely ripped for his upcoming role in Marvel’s “Eternals” movie. Kumail shared his thoughts about his new physique on his Instagram account, crediting his transformation to the “best trainers and nutritionists paid for by the biggest studio in the world.” 

If you’re not about to make a Marvel movie, but are inspired by Kumail, we have some 2020 inspo for you. A sampling of some of the personal trainer substitutes that launched this year: 👇

👀 Onyx is the fitness app that watches you

⌚️ Gyroscope tracks your workouts, mood and sleep on your Apple Watch

🍎 Meals App is a sleek app for healthy meal planning

💪 HeroTracker is a workout tracker for CrossFit athletes

👋 Kudos lets you text a certified personal trainer (for $3/day)

🙏 Zenia is an AI yoga teacher

👏 Body Time is an AI personal trainer

7 Minute Workout is exactly what it sounds like

🤔 The Longevity Index teaches you how to exercise for long-lasting benefits

💸 Future is a $150/month workout app that connects you to real trainers

🤑 Squat for crypto lets you earn crypto for exercising

More Health and Fitness Products

This is trippy. Candy animation that spells any word you want. 🍭